Commercial Energy Procurement

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Commercial Energy Procurement

Utility costs are probably among your organization’s largest expenditures and you probably thought there was no way to decrease that expense. Until now. Through a strategic partnership with Energy by 5, Ray Hodges Financial Group offers guidance and consulting when procuring electricity and natural gas. More specifically, Ray Hodges Financial Group and help clients make better and smarter decisions about what to buy, when to buy and how to buy natural gas and electricity while creating strategies for usage reduction and offsetting annual utility expense by adopting renewable energy solutions.

Ray Hodges Financial Group and provide a suite of service offerings which includes:

  • State and Local Government
  • Health Services
  • Automotive
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Land Exploration
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Technology

If you’re a decision maker in one of the following industries, our services can help you better control your energy costs and implement smarter energy-procurement strategies:

  • Energy benchmarking and load analytics
  • Energy budgeting
  • Energy procurement and risk management
  • Energy efficiency rebates and incentives
  • Rate and tariff analysis
  • Utility bill consolidation and payment services