Tri-Zen Plan

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Tri-Zen Plan

Most compensation plans designed to attract and retain top performers usually involve a bonus plan that is essentially an unrecoverable cost to you, the business owner. In fact, some industries are so competitive that even after paying a large sign-on bonus, you could still lose your top performer to a competitor offering a bigger incentive. The Tri-Zen Plan is an incentive strategy that can help you retain key personnel and transform the bonus plan you offer into an asset instead of a liability on your balance sheet.

The Tri-Zen Plan offers the following benefits:

  • $3 for every $1 contributed to the policy
  • Only five contributions by the employer with lender-matching contributions; lender makes all contributions for the next five years
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Tax-free withdrawals
  • Chronic, critical and terminal illness coverage
  • Critical injury protection
  • Tax-free death benefit for loved ones