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Kai-Zen Plan

Traditional savings and retirement options like 401(k)s and IRAs severely limit your ability to accumulate wealth if you are highly compensated and/or a high net worth individual.  401(k)s cap your annual contributions, and IRA contribution limits are even lower. If you expect to maintain your current standard of living in retirement, these contribution limits will not allow you to accumulate enough savings to achieve your retirement goals.

A Kai-Zen plan not only enables you to contribute significantly more to your retirement savings, it also provides the following benefits:

  • $3 for every $1 contributed to the plan
  • You only contribute for five years, and a lender matches your contributions; the lender then makes all contributions for the next five years
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Tax-free withdrawals
  • Chronic, critical, and terminal illness coverage and critical injury protection
  • Tax-free death benefit for loved ones

In-Service Alternate Rollover

If you’re like most people, your 401(k) represents the bulk of your retirement savings.  Historically, your 401(k) was inaccessible unless you retired, changed jobs, got divorced, were disabled, or died. Over committing your retirement savings to your 401(k) means your future retirement is totally exposed to the ups and downs of the markets.

An In-Service Alternate Rollover (ISAR) is a legal way of rolling over all or a portion of your 401(k) funds to an alternate qualified option without incurring any taxes or penalties. In addition, the ISAR allows you to continue participating in your 401(k) after the rollover.

Ray Hodges Financial Group is one of the few advisors in the country certified to administer the process.

Wealth Insurance

During the bear market from 2007 to 2009, the S&P 500 lost almost 50 percent of its value, and thousands of people were financially wiped out. Retirees and those close to retirement were devastated, and their retirement was ruined. However, those who understood that gold, silver and other precious metals provide “wealth insurance” actually profited from the stock market crash. The financially informed knew and still know that historically when the stock market crashes, people sell their stock, and most of the money that leaves the stock market pours into precious metals. If your portfolio contains precious metals before a feverish demand starts, you not only protect your portfolio, but you could substantially increase your wealth, even if the market takes a turn for the worse.

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Retirement Accounts – Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs

Besides procrastination, income taxes are the biggest threat to your goal of building a retirement savings nest egg, and based on the growth of the federal deficit, income taxes will have to increase. If you don’t account for income taxes, you could lose as much as 40 percent of your retirement savings. You deserve to enjoy every dollar you’ve so painstakingly sacrificed to save.

Traditional individual retirement accounts (IRAs) provide tax incentives because your contributions are tax deductible. Roth IRAs provide tax-free distributions when you begin taking withdrawals during retirement.

Fixed Index Annuities

The good news is we’re living longer. The bad news is if you don’t plan for that longevity, your retirement years will be a financial struggle. On average, most people will spend 30 years in retirement, but most haven’t saved enough to last 30 years. The average Social Security benefit payment is $1,404 per month. The average retiree will spend $200,000 on health care, or nearly $600 per month. That leaves $800 per month to live on for 30 years. Not the retirement you expected.

A fixed index annuity is a contract between you and an insurance carrier in which the carrier agrees to protect your savings from market losses and pay you income for the rest of your life. Along with Social Security benefits, it is the only financial option available that offers a guaranteed lifetime income payment. That’s a retirement you can look forward to enjoying.

Long-Term Care – Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, if you live to the age of 65 or older, there is a 70 percent chance that you will need long-term care, such as skilled nursing or home care. You can expect to pay at least $3,000 per month for care in an assisted living center and more than $6,000 per month for care in a nursing home. If you paid out of pocket, these costs would quickly exhaust your retirement savings.

To qualify for Medicaid, most states require you to “spend down” your assets to $1,000 or $2,000 depending on the state you live in, and your long-term care options would be severely limited.

There are several little-known government-sponsored programs that allow you to expand the value of your retirement assets to pay for your long-term care needs without spending down your assets and going broke.

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Life Insurance

According to LIMRA research, more than 35 percent of households would be in financial trouble within one month if a primary wage earner died unexpectedly. Most don’t realize how inexpensive it is to protect their loved ones. In fact, most consumers mistakenly estimate the cost of coverage to be more than three times its actual cost. Studies also show that among married and partnered consumers, one-third wish that their spouse or partner would purchase more life insurance. Unfortunately, I personally know what happens when your family doesn’t purchase enough life insurance. You can lose your home as well as other assets and be sent into a financial tailspin.

Fortunately, Ray Hodges Financial Group offers the most competitive life insurance premiums in the country due to its contracts with nearly 30 life insurance carriers.

401(k)/Qualified Plan

The cost of doing business increases every year, and there are very few ways of lowering those costs while offering incentives and benefits to attract and retain top performers. Offering a 401(k) or qualified retirement plan carries fiduciary liability that might make you feel it’s not worth the risk to offer this benefit.

By allowing Ray Hodges Financial Group to be your advisor of record for the 401(k) or qualified plan offered to your employees, you can lower your costs of doing business and offer a benefit that will attract and retain those top performers while shielding yourself from the fiduciary liability.


Because Ray Hodges is an Investment Advisor Representative with Redhawk Wealth Advisors, an ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary, you can shift full fiduciary and investment responsibility to Redhawk Wealth Advisors.

Tri-Zen Plan

Most compensation plans designed to attract and retain top performers usually involve a bonus plan that is essentially an unrecoverable cost to you, the business owner. In fact, some industries are so competitive that even after paying a large sign-on bonus, you could still lose your top performer to a competitor offering a bigger incentive. The Tri-Zen Plan is an incentive strategy that can help you retain key personnel and transform the bonus plan you offer into an asset instead of a liability on your balance sheet.

The Tri-Zen Plan offers the following benefits:

  • $3 for every $1 contributed to the policy
  • Only five contributions by the employer with lender-matching contributions; lender makes all contributions for the next five years
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Tax-free withdrawals
  • Chronic, critical and terminal illness coverage
  • Critical injury protection
  • Tax-free death benefit for loved ones

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Commercial Lending

When you are seeking a cash infusion to expand your business, purchase a product, cover expenses, launch a new business or even purchase another business, the options are not always that plentiful. Not everyone qualifies for an SBA loan, but when you apply for business financing through Ray Hodges Financial Group, you instantly have access to over one hundred national, regional, and local lenders as well credit unions. Ray Hodges Financial Group uses its strategic partnership with National Corporate Credit, one of the largest commercial lending companies in the country, to secure the most capital, at the lowest interest rate, as quickly as possible.

If you need a term loan to pay off high-interest credit cards or to make a major equipment purchase, apply online today.

If you need a business line of credit to provide working capital, you can qualify as either a seasoned business or a startup by applying today.