It’s your money…until you give it away.

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Distribution Solution

As a retiree, you will lose 30-40 percent of your qualified savings due

Commercial Energy Procurement

Utility costs are probably among your organization’s largest expenditures

Specialized Tax Incentives

Every year, the U.S. Government offers $200 billion in stimulus

Expense Audits

The expenses associated with running your business seem to be ever-increasing.

Commercial Lending

Ray Hodges Financial Group uses its strategic partnership with National Corporate Credit.

Tri-Zen Plan

The Tri-Zen Plan is an incentive strategy that can help you retain key personnel.

401(k)/Qualified Plans

Offering a 401(k) or qualified retirement plan carries fiduciary liability that might make you feel it’s not worth the risk.

Life Insurance

More than 35 percent of households would be in financial trouble within one month.

Long-Term Care

To qualify for Medicaid, most states require you to “spend down” your assets to $1,000 or $2,000.